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inspiration behind the greenbean cafe

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"I've always been passionate about food and gradually became frustrated with not being able to find really good vegetarian and vegan food locally in Tottenham. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact Haringey has such a diverse community and the restaurant's in the borough certainly represent that. I guess I was in search of the local alternative, so Iā€™d always travel beyond the borough to eat the food I loved. Then it hit me one day! Why not do something I love (cooking) and create a vegetarian and vegan alternative that's local to me. Hence the GreenBean Cafe was born in Tottenham. 

I believe that good food doesn't have to be expensive, complicated to prepare or inaccessible for all to try. 

Our mantra is "simply good wholesome soul satisfying vegetarian and vegan food" and those who have sampled our treats, know that our food is a complex assortment of colour, flavour, textures, crunch and natural sweetness.

I'm so happy that @TGBCafe has been embraced by communities across London and is recognised as a leading brand in the Vegetarian and Vegan food scene."  


Andrea - The Wife

"I'm not the creative brains behind The GreenBean Cafe, but I'd like to say that I fill in the spaces for everything else when running the business. I've loved Ally's creations from when we first met, so when The GreenBean Cafe was established as a brightly coloured 2x2 pop up at Tottenham Green Market in March 2016, I was thrilled.

I'm a big fan of the vibrant creations we produce each week, I especially enjoy meeting the different people from the local Tottenham Community who buy our food too.

It's a real joy and pleasure being part of a vegetarian and vegan business that was born in Tottenham and I'm looking forward to our future GreenBean creations."

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"As a food and health enthusiast, I am really excited by The GreenBean's product lines. From the wholesome and tasty salads to the warming curry hot boxes. They are not only tasty and economic but they are good for you too!

Our customers are locals: mums with small kids, young professionals and just kind everyday folk who are conscious of what they put in their bodies. 

My favourite thing about working at The GreenBean is the wonderful interactions that I have with all our customers and sharing the joy of great food."



"When Ally asked me to help her out on the pop up side of the business in Tottenham Green Market, I was a little shocked at her request as I know nothing about vegetables. But I jumped at the chance to do it. I'd never worked for such a business before so I couldn't wait to learn new skills and discover more about market trading.
I must confess I'm not a huge vegetable fan, a vegetable to me is a tin of sweetcorn or maybe a few slices of cucumber. But when I saw Ally's weekly creations I couldn't believe that you could do so much with beans, pulses and vegetables and have it taste so good if I'm honest.

I love the fact that The GreenBean Cafe is known throughout the Tottenham Community and beyond. I can see how hard Ally works to make sure we deliver fresh food every time we open for business and that's inspiring. I feel honoured to be a small part of it all."